Steel Plant Equipment

Pickling Tank

A fabricated rectangular long tank with provision of multiple roller assembly. The tank is rubber lined than lined with granite to save the tank from highly corrosive acid required for pickling process.

Continuous Paint Plant

The thin shell de-coiled from one end passes through pickling process enters to the oven where it is dried than painted in painting booth and street passes through the oven which blows hot air to dry the paint, sheet at other end rolled to make coil form.

The process includes hot air generator (incinerator) duct, etc. SPPL manufactured complete plant in modular form, pre assembled at factory dismantled & exported to Mexico.

Range of Equipments

Moving Sleeve, Acid Cleaning Tank, Service Roller, Rinse Tank, Pickling Tank, Rinse re-circulation Tank, Rinse Spray Tank, Pre-wash Tank, Bridle Roller Assembly, Tension Leveler, Coil Saddle, Slide Cover, Continuous Paint Plant (incl. Incinerator, Duct, Oven, Chimney in additional to above few pre-process tanks), Rubber lined Tanks etc.

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