Jack – up Barge Construction

Unique Features

The Jack-up can be assembled in 7 different configurations. Moon pool at the center can be configured as per usage requirement. Spud pipes had been bolted and the interlocking arrangement for joining at site are made of Alloy steel.

Range of Jack-up

Jack-up for Survey, Pilling, Heavy loading capacity, offshore service platforms, wind farm operator type, Rigid Hull type & Modular offshore Drilling unit .

Special Coatings

We now offer Jack up barges painted with Special Corrosion Control Paints & Anti Fouling systems, U.V Stabilized, which last 5-6 yrs hence longer life of expensive barges, saves maintenance & shutdown time losses, which is advised in conventional coating systems every 2-3 years. Our special coatings are Guaranteed for 5-6 years but last much longer.

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